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About This Project

TimeScan is…
– Much more than automation of the usual “time and attendance.”
– A full-featured cost-control system… for a single job site or an entire company.
– A complete software + hardware solution.
– Robust. Tested. Proven. Worldwide. In 12 countries and counting…


TimeScan allows you to…
– Have: daily results , payroll, cost control… all done in a matter of minutes.
– Know precisely how much money you spent on your project at the end of the day.
– Have real control and real management of your costs… labor, equipment, material, transport,
subcontracts and everything in between!
– Use today’s data to adjust tomorrow’s operations
– Be PRO-active as opposed to RE-active


What does all of this mean?
– Simple, fast, accurate data-capture (no more data-entry!)
– Significant time savings
– Improved accuracy
– A faster, smoother operation
– An improved bottom-line, with lower costs and higher profits


September 11, 2014


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